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SRE - UCS Express


Okay, the server is up with an IP address. I had to make a few changes other places, so I'll try to explain.


VLAN1 is configured on the router / 24


mgf interface is the same address


SM 2/0 is / 24


I gave the server an IP address of / 24

default gateway


Administrator ID for the machine is Administrator / 1cisc0IRN


vsphere client id and password to access the console from server02 is esx-admin / change_it


Everything appears to be working at this point. I can ping the gateway, as well as some addresses outside of the subnet. But, what this did was to put everything into the same vlan (vlan 1) and if you look at the ESX console, it shows the computer on the same vlan as the management interface. Not sure this is what we want to do long term. My suspicion after talking with Tony is that we will want to put the Hypervisors in 1 vlan, and the vm's on that device in a separate vlan. You can configure this on the Configuration tab, Networking. But, I think this will require some reconfiguration to get the IP addressing put straight. At the moment, it is what it is. We should probably talk before we go changing it at this point.


I verified remote console to the VM at from server02. That worked ok.



The original thought after talking with Tony was to just take one of the /30 addresses, create a new VLAN on the router, and assign the other address to the VM. That didn't work, although it may have been a reasonable deployment. Not sure if it was a network configuration on the ESX side, or something else, but after looking at the doc, figured the way it is configured was the quick way to get it running. Like I said, we probably need some other configuration changes to do it the other way.


So, hopefully this helped and I didn't take up more time asking questions than I saved you in work. Wish I had more time to spend on this, I could get it the way I want. Bad timing this week.