CISCO891W-AGN-A-K9 - installed, SRTG provided one for LAB
 CISCO1941W-A/K9   - installed, SRTG provided one for LAB
 CISCO2921/K9 - installed, SRTG provided one for LAB - received Retail Lab order 22/Nov/2010
 CISCO2951/K9 - installed, provided by SRTG
 CISCO3945/K9 - installed
 CISCO ASR1002(RP1) - installed  (asr1000rp1-ipbasek9.
 CISCO 7206VXR (NPE-G1) - installed  (c7200-jk9s-mz.124-17a.bin)

Need to upgrade all IOS (want to use LMS if possible).
Need to configure all with base configs 

2960's PO 200820068, 200819956
 WS-C2960G-8TC-L - Shipped 16/Nov/2010, installed TEMP switches from DEMO
 WS-C2960-8TC-L - Shipped 16/Nov/2010, installed TEMP switches from DEMO
 WS-C2960PD-8TT-L Shipped 22/Nov/2010, installed TEMP switches from DEMO
 WS-C2960S-48FPD-L Shipped 16/Nov/2010 SO#49726656, installed TEMP switches from BU
3560's PO 200819956 
 WS-C3560X-48PF-S Shipped 16/Nov/2010  SO#49726654, ordered temp switches from DLP
3750's PO 200819898 
 WS-C3750X-48PF-S  Shipped 16/Nov/2010 SO#49726655, installed TEMP switches from BU

SAKE Switches
WS-C2960C, installed TEMP switch from BU in Medium store
WS-C3560C, installed TEMP switch from BU in Large store

 Catalyst 6500 (Data Center Services and Core, Internet Edge)
  WS-C6509-E (R7000-SUP 720-3BXL)  s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH2a.bin
  WS-SVC-FWM-1 system version:3.1(3)
  ACE20-MOD-K9 system version: A2(1.2)
  WS-SVC-IDSM-2 system version:6.2(2)E1

 Catalyst 4500
    WS-X45-SUP7-E  PO#200840008  - Shipping 16/Dec/2010 (order changed from SUP6-E's on 11/11/2010 per BU request that they are now available)

 cisco WS-C4948-10GE (MPC8540) processor (revision 5)

 Nexus1000v - for UCS and MCS 7845 servers   Nexus 1000V - Latest Released Version: 1.0 | 07/13/10 | 4.0.4
 cisco Nexus5020 Chassis ("40x10GE/Supervisor")  System version: 4.1(3)N1(1)
 cisco Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis ("Supervisor module-1X") System version: 4.1(4)
 cisco MDS 9506 ("Supervisor/Fabric-1")  System version: 3.3(1c)
 BU to provide new Sup-2 and encryption module once EMC SAN Arrives

DCSTG is in beta with a feature for the MDS 9000 family called Storage Media Encryption for Disk.  This feature will be an enhancement to the existing Storage Media Encryption licensed feature, which encrypts data being written to tape and virtual tape via a SAN.  It will run on the same hardware platforms and be enabled by the same license as the existing feature. 

SME for Disk will be a major highlight of the upcoming NX-OS 5.2 release for the MDS platform, along with support for FCoE and new, faster, 8Gbps/second line cards.  This release, also known by its code name “Delhi”, will come to market on the following schedule:

Software GA (posted to CCO) – end February, 2011

Hardware GA (of new HW supported by this release) – March, 2011.  Note that SME Disk does NOT require any new hardware, and is not dependent on this milestone.


AP's and controllers PO 200820197  Shipping 29/Oct/2010 escalated from 29/Nov/2010    (Sent E-mail to Tony Radziszewski (aradzisz); Sujit Ghosh (sughosh); Suresh Katukam (skatukam);  Annette Blum (annblum); James Kelleher (jkellehe) and Mike Adler on Friday 9/24/2010 asking for any items we can borrow  - No Replies yet)

Shipping changed to 03-NOV-10 on 2010-10-14

   AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9    Shipped 13/Nov/2010, installed TEMP's from BU
  AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9     Shipped 13/Nov/2010, installed TEMP's from BU
  AIR-CAP3502E-A-K9    Shipped 13/Nov/2010, installed TEMP's from BU
  AIR-CT5508-12-K9 Controller Shipped 13/Nov/2010,
  AIR-WLC2125-K9 Controller -installed

Need to order a 1040 AP
Use all 7.0 code from CCO

 Wireless Manager (WCS on Win2k3 R2 ===WCS Will not start with error "Cannot run with the current schema.  Exiting."
 MSE3350 x2 -  for long term logging - Wireless rogue detection, installed in DC

 Phone models - encrypted recording / switch for downstream 
 Communications Manager Call Manager 7 / 8 
 Contact Center Suite  ICM, CVP, Expert Advisor 
 Call Storage NICE 
 Partner - analysis? 

 Endpoints considered out of scope due to limited partnerships 
 MCS7845 - existing older MCS servers in retail row
 UCS 5000 - installed
 UCS C200 - received, need to install in store racks
 ISR SRE   PO#200839982 SO# 49797921  Escalated with Manu and John Voss (via Tony Anderson) to get 3 modules for the LAB
  SM-SRE-900-K9=(x3) Shipped 16/Nov/2010
  FL-AXP-SM-GP=(x3)  Shipping 29/Nov/2010
 ISR SRE   PO#200840000 SO# 49797917
  SM-SRE-900-K9=(x3) Shipped 16/Nov/2010
  FL-VMSS-SM-MS=(x3)  Shipping 29/Nov/2010
  FL-VMSS-SM-OM=(x3) Shipping 29/Nov/2010


 Cisco ACS with Active Directory 
 RSA Authentication Manager 
 RSA SecurID 

 Infrastructure Management 
 Cisco LMS 
 Cisco CSM Version 3.1.0 build 465
 RSA Aut 

Host & Server Management 
 RSA Data Loss Prevetion (DLP)? 
 UCS Manager 

  Data at Rest 
    RSA Key Manager 
    RSA File Security Manager
  Data in Motion 
    RSA Key Manager 
    RSA Access Manager 
  RSA Envision 
 RSA Ionix 

 ASA - in Data center
 IOS Firewall 
 IPS (on IOS and Data Center appliances)
 WIPS (wireless controllers in stores and centralized in Data Center)
 IronPort email Security 

Physical Security 
 IP Cameras PO#200822813  - Shipped 05/Sep/2010
 IP Cameras PO#200823735   - Shipped 05/Sep/2010
 IP Cameras PO#200824759  - Shipped 08/Sep/2010

Multi Services Platform PO#200832549   - Shipped 17/Sep/2010
Multi Services Platform PO#200840084 - Shipped 30/Sep/2010


Badge Access-Cisco Physical Access Manager and Gateways PO#200840071 - Shipped 08/Oct/2010  Rick said someone from PSBU (Rekha Krishna) has some mag swipe devices we may be able to use

 Video Surveillance Manager 

In Scope Devices 
 IronPort email 

RSA Technologies summary 

RSA-branded technology OEMed by Cisco and inside Ironport. Apparently, this one provides email security and can do such things as block emails that contain credit card numbers

User Authentication
  RSA Authentication Manager 
  RSA SecurID 
Host & Server 
  RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite
    RSA DLP Datacenter - RSA DLP Datacenter identifies sensitive data and helps to enforce policies across file shares, databases, storage systems (SAN/NAS), Microsoft SharePoint® sites and other data repositories.
    RSA DLP Network - (Ironport?) - RSA DLP Network identifies sensitive data and enforces policies across corporate email systems, web-based email systems, instant messaging, and web-based protocols.
    RSA DLP Endpoint - RSA DLP Endpoint identifies sensitive data and enforces policies for such data stored or in use on laptops and desktops.

 Data at Rest 
   RSA Key Manager 
   RSA File Security Manager
 Data in Motion 
   RSA Key Manager 
   RSA Access Manager 

Monitoring SIM
   RSA Envision (including Wireless location services capabilities already tested)
  RSA Ionix 
  RSA Archer. This product has something to do with IT-GRC